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We carry a large variety of mastectomy products and compression garments

Our staff of certified fitters are here to help!

Bras are available in a large range of sizes from 32AA to 52D. Our staff can ensure your comfort through the proper sizing and fitting of your bra or prosthesis. We have an ever-changing inventory of styles and colors to accommodate most peoples life styles. No appointments are necessary except on Saturdays.

Product Brands:

  • ABC™

  • Amoena™

  • CAMP™

  • Jodee™

  • Jobst™

  • Medi™

  • Solaris™

  • Lymph Press®

  • Biacare™

  • Jodee™

  • Jobst™

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Sale on select bras. No filing to insurance.
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Dedicated In Helping You To Get Back To A Healthy Life

Shop at Fittings Unlimited for all your Mastectomy and compression needs. We file to most insurances with a medical prescription and we offer empathetic service, in a relaxed and cozy boutique setting  that is handicap accessable. Visit our location in Urbandale, Iowa for all your post-mastectomy and compression needs.

At Fittings Unlimited we are a Dedicated to getting you back to a better life. Working hand in hand with therapists and Doctors to get you the best possible solution to your medical needs!

No appointments are necessary except for custom fittings and mastectomy fittings on Saturdays.

Post Masectomy Products
a variety of bras from sizes 32aa to 52 d

Our certified fitters can ensure your comfort through the proper sizing and fitting of your bra or prosthesis. We have an ever-changing inventory of styles and colors to accommodate most peoples life styles. No appointments are necessary except on Saturdays.

We offer products to help with the treatment of  Lymphedema a common condition following mastectomy surgery, including compression bras, sleeves and gloves for effected arms and lymphedema pumps for the sever cases.

A variety of mastectomy swimsuits by Amoena and Anita are available year round.

Compression Garments

Largest selection of compression garments in Iowa!

We have Medical grade stockings, knee highs to panty hose, offering mens and womens styles. For the harder to fit and severe cases, we  have two in- house custom fitters available to get you the perfect fit and treatment for your condition. No appointment is necessary except for custom fittings. We file to most insurances for you with a prescription!

We carry Diabetic stockings, athletic stockings and travel stockings. For your every day needs. No prescription required for these.

Brands We Carry: Jobst, Medi, Juzo, Sigvaris™, Solaris, Biocar

Reasons for Compression hose:

Edema (Swelling)
Varicose Veins
Tired Achy Legs
Venous Insufficiency

People who can benefit:

People with medical problems
Burn patients
Nurses and doctors
Restaurant workers
People who are on their feet a lot
People who travel a lot

My child 8 years old has been attending Ms.Maria's studio for almost 2 years. She really enjoys her class. Ms. Maria has effective teaching method for students that incorporate musicianship, theory, creativity and skill. Last year 2014 my child got many rewards for piano competition and theory test. I am very glad to have Ms.Maria teaching piano for my daughter.
I think she is the best piano teacher ever!
I have two boys that started in January and have thrived with Ms. Maria. To our surprise our five year old proactively practices on his own at home because he truly enjoys what he's learning. We've seen both boys thrive with Ms. Maria. We are so blessed to have found someone so patient and passionate about teaching lessons. You won't find someone that cares about your child's musical development as much as Ms. Maria does. She truly cares about each child and it shows. We look forward to many more years in our musical journey!
C. Sears, NOrth Richland Hills
My son and daughter both just turned 7 and they have been with Ms. Maria for about 8 months. They love Ms. Maria so much!  She is such a wonderful teacher. I am so glad we found her. We plan to stay with her as long as we can.
Alice C., Keller, TX
We found Ms McLean on the web site for piano teachers in Keller, Texas.  We met with several teachers and chose Ms.McLean!  My daughter was 11 when she started and has now taken 11 months. My daughter loves taking lessons from her and feels challenged and nurtured!  Ms. McLean is a no nonsense teacher that truly cares about her students.  Her standards are fair and challenge the students!  I would recommend anyone who is serious about learning to speak with her. She is awesome!
Kimberly R., Keller, TX
We have tried 2 teachers before entering Ms Maria studio without much progress. Since last here our daughter as been able to make great progress! We have actually recommended her studio to friends!! Ms Maria is a great teacher!!!
Landry D., Keller, TX
Our son has been studying with Ms Maria for one year. He has advanced more quickly than we expected under her direction. My husband and I have both studied music for years and we knew that we had selected the right teacher shortly after he began his studies. If your student follows her direction they will become a great piano player.
Alicia Y.
Maria Mclean is such an amazing piano instructor. She assigns music that she knows the child enjoys. My daughter loves the fact that she can earn trips to the treasure box for extra time practice during the week. Maria is firm but kind, and so her students respect her and also want to please her. She gives them praise only when she should!
Sonya K.
We are very pleased with the instruction our child is receiving from Maria McLean and would highly recommend her. She has a positive, uplifting demeanor which children respond well to. Her teaching style is well-developed and she adjusts to the personality and learning style of her students. She incorporates both playing time and theory work into her lessons, which I believe is important for a well-rounded education. After just 12 months of instruction, our child is playing like most 24+ month students.
Heather B.
My daughter has been going to Maria Mclean since 2013 and we absolutely love her. She is very patient, kind and makes my child very comfortable. I'm glad we found a great piano teacher in our vicinity.
V. PIcardo
We have three children taking lessons with Miss Maria. We have had several other piano teachers due to moving and other reasons and Maria is by far the favorite! Our children have had teachers that made them dread playing piano and were so afraid of their teachers, they cried at almost every lesson! Miss Maria is firm but kind (velvet over steel!), she has high standards and cares that her students do well. She is the only piano teacher my children have had who makes lessons so much fun; she has great incentives (prizes and monthly piano parties!) for them to play, practice and want to learn more. My children love to play piano at home now, they used to dread practice and lessons. Now they learn pieces they enjoy playing and are constantly challenged to play more difficult pieces as they progress. Her students are encouraged to play often in front of an audience so they will be able to perform well when needed. She also helps them to be involved in the music community through festivals and different competitions, national and state tests and auditions.
A.M., Southlake, Tx
We love love Miss Maria. She is wonderful. She is kind and so sweet to my daughter. My daughter  loves to go to her lessons. She does a lot more for her than teach piano. She teaches her to be kind and lady-like as well. She has a gentle strong hand with her that I love to see
Patty C., Keller, TX

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