Medical Supply & Compression Garment Store Serving Central Iowa

Fittings Unlimited is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your medical needs to help you get back to a better, more comfortable life. Our trained staff are experts in helping you find the right garment for your condition and ensuring it’s the right fit, unlike online retailers where measurements and ordering can be a hassle. We carry a variety of products for mastectomy, compression, and lymphedema needs, along with custom products we can personalize for your situation.

Let Fittings Unlimited, Inc be your advocate for insurance coverage.

We understand how difficult it may be to get insurance to cover your medical supplies or garments. That’s why our staff works hard to make sure you can get the products you need to keep living a comfortable life. While most insurances can cover your medical supplies and garments, we will help in finding a solution if it does not.

Our team at Fittings Unlimited is here to advocate for you and make sure that we can get the items you need, comfortably and cost-effectively.

Compression & Mastectomy Products

You need all of your compression and mastectomy supplies in one place, which is why we carry five different brands of products to offer a better selection for our patients. Our store carries a selection of compression hose and garments, velcro devices, sequential compression pumps, post-mastectomy bras, garments for lymphedema, and more. We have everything from head to toe and will work to get any products you need for your condition.

Custom Medical Garments

It’s our priority to get you back to a better life through our head-to-toe compression, mastectomy, and lymphedema products. We know that every situation is unique, though, which is why we offer custom-made products to fit your personal condition. Our team will pick out the features needed for your situation and measure accordingly for the perfect fit. We can custom make or order a product for burn garments, lymphedema face masks, and more.

Helping Patients From All Across the State of Iowa

Our team at Fittings Unlimited understands how important it is to find the perfect fit for your compression and mastectomy needs. From the initial consultation to working with your insurance for coverage, our staff cares and works for you. We strive to go above and beyond in customer service by helping our patients understand their condition and how we are helping it.

Tell Us About Your Compression or Mastectomy Needs

Appointments are encouraged, but not required! Be sure to bring your insurance card, so that we can check your benefits for coverage.

Our team at Fittings Unlimited will work with you to understand your unique situation and find the best fit for your needs, while working hand-in-hand with most insurances to help you get your needs covered. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment with our team.