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Your Preferred Compression & Mastectomy Medical Supply Store in Des Moines, IA

Creating medical solutions for people of all ages across the state of Iowa!

At Fittings Unlimited, we make it our mission to help every single person that walks through our doors. With our physical location, we can work directly with our customers from start to finish in measuring and ensuring the right fit. Avoid the hassle of online stores, delivery time, measuring, shipping, and returns that may keep you from getting back to the comfortable life you deserve.

Whether you’re referred for compression, medical and mastectomy garments in Des Moines or from the hospitals in Iowa City, our goal is to get you the products you need as soon as possible.

We accept MOST insurances at Fitting Unlimited!

Meet with one of our certified fitters and we can discuss your insurance and all the details needed to get you the coverage you need. Don’t let the worry of insurance coverage get in the way of you leading a more comfortable life!

Meet Our Compression & Mastectomy-Certified Fitters

Debra Bream

Debra Bream

Deb is the owner of Fittings Unlimited and has been helping patients with their compression and mastectomy needs for over twenty years. Along with running the store, she is a board-certified mastectomy fitter and specializes in custom compression for the treatment of lymphedema.

Linda Renze

Linda Renze

Linda is the office manager and insurance specialist at Fittings Unlimited. She’s a board-certified mastectomy fitter and a certified custom compression fitter. Linda has over 17 years of experience and specializes in lymphedema treatment, scar treatment, and burn treatment.

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