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Fittings Unlimited understands that patients have unique needs and situations, which is why we offer custom-ordered products. When you step into our store, you can be greeted knowing that you’re in safe hands. Our specially trained staff has met with hundreds of patients with all kinds of unique conditions. We offer patients extended sizing for existing products, along with the creation of new products specific to fit a patient’s condition.

Custom Compression

Types of Custom Products We Offer

Our custom products have covered everything from head to toe. Our staff has made face masks for lymphedema of the face, custom vests and shirts for truncal and arm lymphedema, and garments for arms, hands, legs, and toes.

Along with lymphedema garments, our staff has also made burn garments for full-body coverage, including a hooded burn garment for a baby and a bodysuit for a lady that had severe burns from neck to knees. We’re confident we can create a custom garment for your condition to aid in your comfort.

How To Custom Order with Fittings Unlimited

  1. All of our custom products are made in Germany. The Fittings Unlimited staff completes detailed measuring and picks out the features that are needed for the patient's situation.
  2. We’ll send the information to our fabricator in Germany who then makes the garments and sends them by FedEx back to us within a week to ten days.
  3. Once they arrive at our store, we’ll fit them to the patient and decide if any adjustments need to be made.

In regards to payment, we work with you to make sure that you can receive the most coverage out of your insurance plan as possible.

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