Mastectomy & Compression Products

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Fittings Unlimited is dedicated to getting you back to a better life through products that will increase your comfort and overall quality of life. We carry five brands of products for a wide selection of mastectomy and compression solutions, along with products for lymphedema, burns, and more. With our expertly trained staff, you will be met with compassion and relief at our store.

Having met with customers all across the state of Iowa, we understand your needs and are ready to work directly with you and your insurance to get the medical products you need.

Compression Products

Compression Products

We have the compression products needed to increase blood or lymphatic flow to help your condition. Our products include compression hose, compression garments, sequential compression pumps, and more. We have two certified custom compression fitters and one over-the-counter compression garment fitter on staff to ensure you get the right product with the correct fit. Stop by our store and meet our fitters, who are ready to serve you!

Post-Mastectomy Products

Post-Mastectomy Products

Our compassionate and professional staff are all certified mastectomy fitters ready to help you find the proper fit and products for your post-mastectomy needs. We have a large selection of bras, clothing, and swimsuits, along with prosthesis options to accommodate you and your lifestyle after your surgery. When you meet with us in store, you can be rest assured that our expertise in measurement for post-mastectomy products will exceed your expectations.

Lymphedema Solutions

Lymphedema Solutions

If you’re experiencing swelling caused by lymphedema, we carry a variety of products to help reduce the swelling and increase your comfort. We have two certified fitters on-staff who specialize in lymphedema treatment, and are ready to work with you in-person to measure and discuss the right solution for you. We can develop custom night garments including compression bras, sleeves, and gloves for affected arms, along with lymphedema pumps for severe cases.

Burn Garments

Burn Garments & Masks

One of our certified fitters on-staff also specializes in burn treatments, including custom face masks and garments. We can create head-to-toe custom garments to accommodate your condition and give you relief. When you visit our store, our staff is fully-prepared to give you exceptional care and service.

Need a Custom Treatment? Let Fittings Unlimited Create Products Made Uniquely For You

Although we carry a large inventory of products, we understand that people have unique conditions that require personalized solutions. We can create custom products as needed for our patients, including extended sizing, custom burn garments, custom lymphedema vests, and more. Be sure to check out all of our custom products and learn more about insurance coverage for them!

For Additional Questions About Our Inventory, Connect with the Staff at Fittings Unlimited!